Williamson County Astronomy Club

Community Outreach / Involvement Programs

As part of our effort to bring astronomy to the masses, the Williamson County Astronomy Club provides educational services to the community free of charge.  The activities listed below are part of that effort. We call the outdoor observing events "Star Parties" or "Stargazing". Our guests are encouraged to have a wholesome evening under the night sky and learn more about the interesting and beautiful sights just beyond the views afforded us by our unaided eyes.

Before attending one of these events, please review our notes regarding etiquette when visiting.

Please note that all public outreach events including the Garey Park Public Stargazing Nights are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. Garey Park Stargazing Events may be resumed in the future at the discretion of the City of Georgetown.

Public Viewing Sessions:

Georgetown's Garey Park Public Stargazing Events
The Williamson County Astronomy Club has participated in this periodic public event hosted by the City of Georgetown Parks Department. Members bring their telescopes and demonstrate to the public the wonders astronomy has to offer. Each telescope is set up to show a different object or a different aspect of an object.  Members answer questions about the objects being viewed. Visitors are also encouraged to ask general questions about astronomy or space. Our members just love to talk about their hobby and share their knowledge.

For more information, please see the following links. Note that these events are open to registered guests only. There is a small fee charged by the City of Georgetown for use of the park. 
Garey Park Stargazing Events
Garey Park Public Stargazing Nights

Educational Star Parties:

The Williamson County Astronomy Club may be available to present a limited number of star parties for area schools and community groups.  These outdoor observing events are usually held on Friday evenings when both club members and school students are available to stay out somewhat later than on other weeknights.  The outings are a great opportunity to educate children and their parents in the visual aspects of astronomy to supplement what they have already learned in class.  Events are best scheduled on a Friday evening near the first quarter moon phase assuming the date doesn't overlap our participation in the Southwestern University Fountainwood Observatory public night. 

These events are subject to our ability to get enough volunteers and telescopes scheduled to meet the needs of the number of expected attendees.

Educational Astronomy Presentations:

Some retired members of The Williamson County Astronomy Club may occasionally be available to do slide shows or lectures on astronomy to area schools, civic organizations, and youth groups.  These serve to further the interest in the space sciences and introduce children and adults alike to the fun and fascinating hobby of astronomy.

If you are part of a community or educational group and would like our help in some aspect of astronomy education, please contact us to make arrangements.